Cutting the Virtual Cord

infi launches the next step in the virtual cord-cutting revolution

As “cord cutting” becomes an increasingly common practice – saying goodbye to traditional cable service and switching to online services – an up-and-coming startup, infi, launches the next step in the virtual cord-cutting revolution. It means you don’t have to keep up with a bunch of apps, social media accounts and services in order to keep your virtual social life at bay, but instead, you are able to switch to infi to store and manage your digital life, keep up-to-date on news and videos, play games and hang out with friends.

infi is a smart app. It is able to organize your life without you even noticing that it is doing so. As you import and sync your social media accounts through infi, your content is pulled and entered in a chronological order to your timeline while you keep living your digital, social life uninterrupted.

According to Gartner, by 2020, 25 billion devices will be generating data about almost every topic imaginable. This is equal parts opportunity and challenge.  There will be a lot of data out there, but making sense of it will be the trick. infi’s powerful tool is already tackling this challenge, neatly collecting, organizing and saving users content, making it easy to navigate and share.

infi’s advanced technology is able to not only collect information, but to learn based upon it. In the process, much of the initial analysis is done using our smart algorithm, elevating the analysis in the process to a whole, new level, forcing people will need to engage at a higher level when using infi. It also enables companies and brands to communicate with their customers and followers in a totally new manner.

So are you ready to ditch the old-school, confining ways of familiar social media platforms and take your social digital life to the next level?

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