How to Effectively Utilize Users’ Data. For Their Benefit.

Quality content matters. But what exactly is it?

Content quality standards are evolving and now, more than ever, high-quality content and data are becoming the most valuable commodity as we now know that in the content world, quality matters. But what exactly makes “quality” content?

There are dozens of criteria to measure quality content but despite search engine algorithms growing more complex and technology improving, one measure that is and will be relevant in 2016 is authentic data and content. Quality content is what companies, marketers, Google and everyone else is looking for. As users create and upload their personal content onto different platforms, companies that will find a way to use this information for their own and their users’ benefit –  combined with the use of advanced security measures –  will gain a big advantage over the rest of the pack.

Our new, intelligent social network, infi, was structured to understand its users and use their data in a smart way.


With one click it collects users’ content and media from the web, storage, computers and smartphones, entering and storing it all in one place in a chronological order. It also automatically searches any mentions and additional data on the user, importing it and organizing it all on a personal timeline with endless filtering options so that the user can easily locate any story, moments or media.

infi is a privacy-based social network that puts an emphasis on privacy as the cornerstone on which it was built on. Today, we are beginning to realize just how extensive the digital breach of privacy is, led by giants such as Google and Facebook. And we also know that users are worried and are looking for options. This is where infi steps in. It was created due to an urgent, growing need of its users who totally lost their trust in the internet and social networks after repeated online breaches and the Snowden affair.
infi’s goal is for users to control their digital life– collect, aggregate and upload their content off of their social media accounts, storage places and devices onto their infi timeline in an organized, methodologic way. Users can then build their digital identity, deciding on content that best represents them and on the privacy setting that works best for them.


With the data uploaded by users, infi builds an avatar, which learns its user to the point it will duplicate his consciousness through advanced algorithms, AI systems, images, text and data processing. This avatar will become the digital reflection of the user’s own consciousness and will continue to exist forever.

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