Bridging the Digital Gap

infi is building the next generation of artificial intelligence, based on a perfect synergy between human and machine

As the digital and real world intertwine more and more every day, the human experience is evolving into new avenues, filled with amazing potential. Just think; a few years ago, the depth and scope of services, functions and knowledge available at the tap of the finger would be unimaginable to the average person.

But the connection is far from perfect. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is the next step, aimed at providing users what they want before they even know it. infi is building the most advanced A.I. in the world, in the form of our Virtual Human.

Our Virtual Human is a self-learning AI, reflecting our user’s own identities and habits, acting as a digital companion. The Virtual Human is built upon the large data-pool each user creates on himself, by aggregating his data. This rich data source allows our Virtual Human to understand the users. Now just what they want, but why.

Knowing the reason behind the actions, understanding the motivations of our users – that’s the key to create the next-generation AI, who will truly help and enrich our users’ lives.

For example, let’s say a user want to order some food. If they ask for a recommendation from any currently available services or bots, they would probably get a list of the most popular restaurants in the area. But infi’s Virtual Human will know the user’s mood, how their day has been – maybe they just finished a workout and need high-protein food. Maybe there’s a new dish at their favourite restaurant. The Virtual Human can provide true, contextual personalization.

This is the next big leap. Not based on just statistics and big data, but emotional, responsive AI, lifting the digital experience to new heights, in line with users’ needs, a part of their whole world, digital and physical alike.

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