What Can Virtual Assistant Do for You?

Virtual Assistant can help you make a dinner reservation, remind you to catch your flight, edit your favorite playlist and even translate words for you on the fly.

But they can also do more as taking on more complex responsibilities like managing your calendar or answering your queries. This point to a shift in human-device interaction that is currently underway and suggest a conversational capability that requires an advanced understanding of human intent and context.

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Are you worried about your Online Privacy?

Do You Really Think You’re Protected Online?

Fact: a majority internet users list security or privacy as their top priority.

Are you worried about your Online Privacy?

If you answered yes, you are not alone; it seems like today, most internet users are.

We take privacy seriously. Here’s one cool trick infi users get:
Each story is “locked” visually and users can unlock single photos, whole albums or stories with one click.


Content Overload

Feeling overwhelmed by content?

27 million pieces of content are shared daily on the internet and almost everyone feel overwhelmed by the content they meet on their emails, social media accounts, and on their electronic devices.

Fact is, you’re not going to beat the “too much content” issue.

But infi can. Read how HERE.




Give Your Dad’s Life a Digital Twist

Upload pics, letters & memories into a chronological, private timeline. Keep the story goinginfi gives users the ability to organize and store written & visual content of any family member, creating a virtual reflection of users’ lives, keeping memories vibrant & accessible.

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infi’s New Camera is Here!

infi's New Camera is Here!

Taking & posting pics was never as easy & FUN.

We developed an innovative camera with the ability to shoot multiple photos in a row with minimal delay. The camera has a preview panel that allows deletion of selected photos from the set before uploading them to infi. You can also edit & use awesome effects & stickers on your pics.

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Come join us!

infi is a vibrant workplace with a great team and unbeatable culture. Looking for talented folks to help us build a five-star product.

Why work for infi?

Since 2013 we have been on a design-driven mission to use technology in an innovative way. We love to build the best possible product, combining simplicity and intelligence to deliver a great experience. infi is a vibrant workplace with a great team and unbeatable culture.


Work hard, play hard: Other perks include a kitchen loaded with every kind of snack you can think of including a candy-bar, Pilates classes, surfing lessons and massage sessions. Our employees are free to use our array of electric bike or the company’s car. And to top it all off, monthly company nights where we hang out together, eat, drink and have fun.


Fun office space: Our gorgeous, creative office space is inspired by superheroes and manga including an awesome “Kiss” pinball machine in the kitchen, endless toys to get creative with and human-size Spiderman and Darth Vader watching you from different corners of the office.



Love your work: At infi, we believe that the only way employees will do good work is if they enjoy doing their job, and look forward going to work. infi offers its employees a creative startup culture, a supportive, collaborative and authentic atmosphere, competitive compensation, continuous opportunities to grow and a bunch of smart and motivated coworkers. Sounds like a place you’d like to work at? Check out our job openings to join our team.

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Who we are looking for?

We are one dynamic company with many unique professionals and we are constantly looking for talented folks to help us build a five-star product. If you are a risk taker who is curious, open-minded, a problem solver who deliver result and enjoy what you do, contact us at contact@infibond.com

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Bridging the Digital Gap

infi is building the next generation of artificial intelligence, based on a perfect synergy between human and machine

As the digital and real world intertwine more and more every day, the human experience is evolving into new avenues, filled with amazing potential. Just think; a few years ago, the depth and scope of services, functions and knowledge available at the tap of the finger would be unimaginable to the average person.

But the connection is far from perfect. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is the next step, aimed at providing users what they want before they even know it. infi is building the most advanced A.I. in the world, in the form of our Virtual Human.

Our Virtual Human is a self-learning AI, reflecting our user’s own identities and habits, acting as a digital companion. The Virtual Human is built upon the large data-pool each user creates on himself, by aggregating his data. This rich data source allows our Virtual Human to understand the users. Now just what they want, but why.

Knowing the reason behind the actions, understanding the motivations of our users – that’s the key to create the next-generation AI, who will truly help and enrich our users’ lives.

For example, let’s say a user want to order some food. If they ask for a recommendation from any currently available services or bots, they would probably get a list of the most popular restaurants in the area. But infi’s Virtual Human will know the user’s mood, how their day has been – maybe they just finished a workout and need high-protein food. Maybe there’s a new dish at their favourite restaurant. The Virtual Human can provide true, contextual personalization.

This is the next big leap. Not based on just statistics and big data, but emotional, responsive AI, lifting the digital experience to new heights, in line with users’ needs, a part of their whole world, digital and physical alike.

Your Digital Life. Organized.

When it comes to our digital files, most of us are hoarders

Our digital hoarding is becoming a real problem today as storage limits expand and we create and consume tons of data with our smartphones and various social media accounts, saving piles of photos, videos and stories. As a result, we can never find what we want when we need it and our content is mostly lost or forgotten.

Now, Imagine all your digital life consolidated and protected in one private and secure place. Hard to imagine?  If you get a headache just thinking about the endless files of digital junk, it’s time to detox and you need to keep reading this.

How to tell if you’re a Digital Hoarder?

  1. You’re reading this article.
  2. You still have photos from 2014 trapped on your smartphone.
  3.  Your computer and smartphone contain the awful truth about your digital clutter. 

If you’re nodding in shame, then you’re a tiny bit of a hoarder yourself. In the past, we saved photo albums full of photos and memories. Today, things are different but not better. We save thousands of photos on our phones, computers and social media accounts. We keep movies and songs piling up on our computers in case one day we’ll want to watch or listen to it. We’ve become digital hoarders instead of physical ones, constantly thinking: What if I need this photo or that video one day?’”

Researches show that clutter can cause an actual distress. The problem is that sometimes we feel we have reasons to hang on to things because it reminds us of a certain moment in our life, a memory, a feeling whether it’s a yearbook, digital selfie in a special place or an event of a loved one.

The more we accumulate, the more we think that something very good or important is sitting at the bottom of our pile of digital stuff. Or something we consider unimportant becomes very important. Our solution is not to throw anything into our virtual trash can and to be afraid just by thinking about the ‘delete’ button. The more we accumulate digitally, the harder it is to find what we need. Our storage systems have little to no context awareness. Your cloud doesn’t know what’s important to you. It treats all files the same.

A Digital Detox

Is “being more digitally organized” on your list of 2016 New Year’s resolutions? If yes, keep reading.  If you get a headache just thinking about the endless files of digital junk, it’s time to detox. An up-and-coming startup is now tackling the fast-growing issue of hoarding, offering one, simple cure: organization. With their “tap once, collect all” motto, infi enables users to import all of their photos, videos and stories off of their devices and social media accounts. Users’ content is then organized in a chronological order on their timeline, starting the year they were born until present time.

Once a user creates an account/downloads the app, they are prompted to connect all their social accounts and devices to their infi account. Users go on living their digital, social life while infi runs in the background, collecting all the media from the users’ various accounts and devices: computers, cameras, tablets and smartphones. infi imports media from your friends’ accounts and devices if our algorithm finds a match.

infi is the first social media network that has context awareness. It recognizes themes, faces, locations and smartly offers users to create photo albums at the end of their sightseeing day, join groups based on their preferences, or create joint activities with friends that share similar tastes.

Technology has the ability to forever change how we relate to our hoarded digital junk. Ready to try an alternative to the familiar, old, social media big names? infi brings to the table a whole new way of connecting: creating a more intimate interactions, allowing you to dig into topics you care more deeply about, rocking your images and visuals and becoming who you really are.

Cutting the Virtual Cord

infi launches the next step in the virtual cord-cutting revolution

As “cord cutting” becomes an increasingly common practice – saying goodbye to traditional cable service and switching to online services – an up-and-coming startup, infi, launches the next step in the virtual cord-cutting revolution. It means you don’t have to keep up with a bunch of apps, social media accounts and services in order to keep your virtual social life at bay, but instead, you are able to switch to infi to store and manage your digital life, keep up-to-date on news and videos, play games and hang out with friends.

infi is a smart app. It is able to organize your life without you even noticing that it is doing so. As you import and sync your social media accounts through infi, your content is pulled and entered in a chronological order to your timeline while you keep living your digital, social life uninterrupted.

According to Gartner, by 2020, 25 billion devices will be generating data about almost every topic imaginable. This is equal parts opportunity and challenge.  There will be a lot of data out there, but making sense of it will be the trick. infi’s powerful tool is already tackling this challenge, neatly collecting, organizing and saving users content, making it easy to navigate and share.

infi’s advanced technology is able to not only collect information, but to learn based upon it. In the process, much of the initial analysis is done using our smart algorithm, elevating the analysis in the process to a whole, new level, forcing people will need to engage at a higher level when using infi. It also enables companies and brands to communicate with their customers and followers in a totally new manner.

So are you ready to ditch the old-school, confining ways of familiar social media platforms and take your social digital life to the next level?

How to Keep your Media Safe in the Age of Social Networks

Are you worried about your online privacy?
If you answered yes, you are not alone; it seems like today, most internet users are.

Recent Pew research shows most Americans are worried than ever about their online privacy. Knowing about government surveillance programs to monitor phone use and internet use caused uproar in the US and around the world when former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden disclosed their existence to the Guardian in 2013. As a result, people have cut down on their use of social media or have avoided or uninstalled certain applications.

Privacy is more important than ever as it is now known that dozens of intelligence programs were created to collect the public’s data from some of the largest technology companies. Users are more sensitive as to who gets what info and take action to shield their online information.  Research shows that 17% of users changed their privacy settings on social media and 15% actually cut down on their use of social media altogether. People became more cautious of the apps on their computers or mobile devices, with 15% avoiding certain apps and 13% going so far as to uninstall apps.

Changing Privacy Landscape

What is your privacy strategy for 2016? How do you plan on keeping your photos, videos and stories safe and secure?

Concerns about online privacy will reach a tipping point in 2016, prompting consumers to demand greater protection. Businesses that collect, store and use people’s data are most at risk of attracting hackers and regulatory oversight. They also stand to suffer the most when consumers decide to prioritize privacy over convenience, something that is already beginning to shape behavior.

A majority internet users list security or privacy as their top priority, especially with an increased number of companies and individuals that have experienced breaches. Shielding your online presence is not only a way of life, but a matter of principle if you value your privacy. Consequently, an up-and-coming startup, infi, has decided not to wait for federal regulation and created a whole new level of privacy for its users.

Consumers admit that they are willing to trade some amount of privacy for useful tech services, and with infi’s advanced security measures, users can get both a beneficial tech service and the privacy they need for their content.

Making their motto “Go Social, Stay Private”, infi gives its users the highest control of their digital lives that no other network allows.  Optimized for maximum privacy, infi is a truly private social network. Upon registration users are prompted to import photos, videos and stories of all social media accounts and devices and this information is entered on a private timeline and cloud while defaulted as private.  Each story is “locked” visually and users can unlock single photos, whole albums or stories it with one click.