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The Next Evolutionary Leap in Social Networks

We live in the social age. Better connected, easily shared; everything available at the tap of a finger. But too many networks and devices lead to disorder, lack of control and the total breakdown of personal privacy.

infi is a private social network designed to address these challenges; offering a way to organize your posts and media from all your social networks and devices in one secure, private place.




infi automatically collects all your media from across the web, social networks and devices, capturing and organizing it all so that nothing is lost and everything is easy to find & share.



infi is tailored to your social life. It enables you to bond with your real life friends, save and share meaningful moments with the people who matter most. Using our smart filtering, you can upload and share relevant content with each group, only accessible to its members.



infi is your private social network, no one outside of your selected group of contacts will ever see your personal photos or read your stories. infi classifies your data with varying privacy levels based on the privacy settings that works best for you.


How Does It Work?

Your posts and media are moments from your life. Together, they tell your stories. Import them from various social networks and devices.

infi automatically organizes all your moments and stories on a chronological timeline. Everything is totally private by default, so you can control what to share and with whom.

You can browse and discover your friends’ stories on your inFeed page.

Create lists of interests on your Lifestyle page, so you get all the latest updates on the things you care most about.

Create or join personalized groups, where you can create a group timeline, discuss and share.

You can also backup all your moments and stories offline with a simple tap.